Silk Saree - AFW40 picture

  • Silk saree with embroidery
  • Blouse : Un-stitched 

Silk saree - RFW42 picture

  • Check silk saree 
  • Blouse : Un-stitched 

Silk Saree - AFW46 picture

  • Silk saree with gold weaving
  • Blouse : Un-stitched 

Silk Saree - RFW 60 picture

  • Silk saree with contrast border
  • Blouse : Un-stitched  

Silk Saree - AFW45 picture

  • Silk saree with floral weaving
  • Blouse : Un-stitched 

Silk Saree - AFW46 picture

  • Silk Saree with floral pallu 
  • Blouse : Un-stitched 


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ira_wardrobe is in existence since 2017 , 

The Saree is the most famous Indian attire worn by women all over the world .

We offer quality sarees at affordable prices imported directly from trusted suppliers in India which is now available online with  a seamless process from purchase t…

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